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    Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor on Oahu in Hawaii serves both an active naval base and is of historical significance. A lagoon harbor, it has long been associated with the military, particularly that of the US Navy. Now serving as headquarters for their Pacific Fleet. However, outside military activities, it also functions as a place of remembrance and education; notable sites in Pearl Harbor, such as USS Arizona Memorial, USS Missouri Memorial, and Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, are all noteworthy destinations within its confines that attract thousands of visitors each year seeking respect and understanding of historical events that took place there. History connects Pearl Harbor inextricably with December 7th, 1941, when, during World War II, Japan launched a surprise air attack on this naval base. This attack was devastating: it crippled the Pacific Fleet by sinking or severely damaging eight U. S. Navy battleships, killing over 2,400 Americans while wounding thousands more – an event that eventually led to formal US entry into World War II. The attack on Pearl Harbor has since been commemorated in history books and popular culture as one of the defining moments in 20th-century American history. Now, its memorials serve as a powerful reminder of those who made sacrifices during wartime as well as how important peace-making efforts remain.

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