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    Selling your Home with the Ihara Team

    Seller’s options

    1. Sell as is (do nothing)

    Pros: Easy, Fast

    Cons: May not procure the highest price

    1. Renovate/repair

    Pros: Likely to procure a higher price

    Cons: Cost of time and money in repairs and coordination

    1. Renovate/repair with our vendors and coordination

    Pros: efficient, proven track record, ensuring the work will be done as expected, stress-free renovation, a clear scope of work and pricing

    Cons: Cost of repairs, the payment goes to the vendor

    Click here if you would like to see our renovation projects.

    1. Easy button: we’ll give you a cash price and a short close with no contingencies which will take you to close within 20 days and with no stress.

    Pros: easy, quick, stress-free. “It’s easy”

    Cons: You will net less than if you went on the market

    Pre-market activities

    1. Consultation- create a real estate plan to help you reach your current and future goals. Well, ask a series of questions to help yourself discover the best route for you and your family.

    2. Create a plan to prepare the property to attract the most buyers.

    3. If repair or renovation work is needed, together we will define a scope of work, determine the cost of repairs, and calculate the after-repair value(ARV) so you can decide which investments will bring the greatest return.

    4. Develop a calendar of pre-market activities and coordinate vendors.

    5. Share data and current activity levels in your neighborhood so that you can determine a price that will be attractive to the market.

    6. Provide you with an equity analysis so that you can understand your net proceeds.

    7. Provide you with a capital gains liability assessment.

    8. We will order a preliminary title report and have it available for all buyers, ahead of time.

    9. Will assist you in completing the seller’s disclosure statement and share will all prospective buyers so that they know what their buying and remove the contingency.

    10. If a condo/townhouse we will order the condo documents in advance so that the buyer can not cancel later when they get it.

    11. If Single a family home we will order the survey to bring clarity to any encroachments and if so we will work towards remedying the encroachment issues.

    12. Pull building permits to validate the legality of improvements.

    Marketing your home and procuring an offer

    1. Upload your listing in the Multiple Listing System (MLS) as a (coming soon) for up to 30 days.

    2. We will post your property on over 350 of the most popular real estate search websites and all major local website

    3. Go live on the market- Switch MLS listing from coming soon to active listing

    4. You will be notified via email or phone for each showing, date, and time. Obtain feedback from potential buyers

    5. 10-day blitz (if applicable)

    Calendar of Events

    Helping you decide which buyers to work with

    We will:

    1. Conduct thorough due diligence with the buyer’s agent so that we will uncover the real motivations of the buyer, the relationship between buyer and agent, the buyer’s experience level, and ultimately buyer’s desire to close on this transaction.

    2. Conduct due diligence with the lender so we can understand the buyer’s financial ability to close the transaction.

    3. Present to you all offers with their individual strengths and weaknesses.

    4. Upon review, we will contact the top several offers and determine if the buyers are willing to improve their offers.

    5. Allow you to select which buyer you would like to work with.

    6. Draft counter offer designed to put you in a stronger position and increase the likelihood of closing.

    7. Once the buyer signs a counter offer we will ensure we receive the buyer’s initial deposit and open escrow.

    Escrow process

    1. Well, coordinate home inspection so that you don’t have to.

    2. If credit requests arrive, we will guide you through your options.


      1. Accept the credit and concession request.

      2. Reject the credit and concession request.

      3. Negotiate the credit and concession requests.

      1. Well, negotiate with the buyer’s agent, in your best interest all buyer’s credit requests as you have agreed.

      2. Once agreed will ensure the buyer delivers his second deposit and moves toward closing.

      3. Will obtain buyer’s acceptance of the following: Title report, seller disclosure statement, condo/association documents, and/or survey.

      4. Coordinate the termite inspection and assist you with any remedy required.

      5. Will attend the final walkthrough to ensure the buyer’s satisfaction that they will be signing closing documents.

      6. Will attend and support you on the day of signing to answer any questions you may have and collect all the keys.

      7. Celebrate your success!

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