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    Senior Downsize or Relocation

    When a loved one’s home doesn’t work well for them anymore, we start to look for options. It could be due to a health incident, physical or mental challenges or it could be due to a loss of a lifelong partner. This season of life is the most stressful and unknown to all involved. Where do we go? What are the options? How much does it cost? How do I get there?

    For the last 17 years, The Ihara Team has been serving our Kupuna and their families in transition to a safer, more manageable environment. We have helped over 1,500 people safely transition to a more comfortable and appropriate home. It starts with first identifying the best location for the older adult and making sure they will be comfortable in their new home. Once we identify the location and room, we go in and measure the interior space so we can start the floor plan process. With a measured grid, we can now plan how we want to position the large furniture and all other personal items knowing where the outlets and switches are located. This process has multiple benefits. One is to make the transition smooth, easy, and stress-free. Two, it’s a psychological and emotional process that enhances the journey and allows the older adult to release the hold of their lifetime of treasures. Three, it allows the older adult to have the clarity of a proven process that thousands have appreciated. Finally, once the older adult accepts, understands, and embraces the process, they move forward toward their goal with our support.

    Once the owner has moved and has everything they need, we go back into the home and remove all unwanted items to start the process of preparing the property for sale. If the owner wishes to have items on the property repaired or cleaned, we have our vendors provide written estimates that the owner can approve based on a clear scope of work. Once approved, our Listing Team manages the process to ensure that the work is completed as specified in the written estimate. Upon final walk-through and approval from the owner, only then do we suggest final payment to the vendor. Repair work financing can be available if needed. Our goal is to protect the owner with our trusted, proven, and insured vendors. Once the home is ready for sale our listing team coordinates the staging, photography, and marketing.

    Our proprietary 10-day blitz marketing system is proven to attract multiple offers and even over asking prices in all markets.

    If you’d like to learn more about how we’ve helped thousands of families transition smoothly, contact us and we can discuss your specific situation and the solutions that are available to you and your family

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