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    Dan Ihara

    Dan Ihara, Founder, Coach and leader of Keller Williams Real Estate Planner has built a team of highly trained and specialized Realtors who serve clients at the highest level. As a nationally recognized Coach, Speaker and Trainer, Dan has helped thousands of realtors grow their businesses with the highest level of services coupled with care and compassion.

    Ihara Team: Our Identity and Purpose- The Belief’s that define us

    My name is Dan Ihara and in 2005, I started in real estate, and a year later my wife Julie joined me in creating the Ihara Team. We quickly discovered our calling which was to support seniors in their search to find safe and comfortable living solutions as they age. We found that as they got older, the stairs tended to become more difficult to navigate, the yard became too much work to maintain, and deferred maintenance crept up to become an overwhelming problem to deal with. In 2006 we started educating our clients and the general population on senior living options in our desire to help them find a more comfortable living environment. We also shared options like having family help around the home, bringing skilled nursing into the home, downsizing to a smaller, safer home, or moving to a retirement community or care home. Our goal was to provide options so that our seniors and their families could make good educated decisions about the care and the most appropriate living environment. However, we didn’t stop there. We soon noticed that many seniors faced challenges with investment properties, which often had deferred maintenance. Many were concerned about capital gains taxes and many became aware of other families dealing with family disputes after their parents passed away. In general, most were faced with the daunting task of transferring wealth.

    We found that some wanted the cash flow from their investment properties and were not educated on how to maximize their cash-on-cash return on their investments. So now we offer a Free Asset Performance Test for your investment properties so we can clearly measure their return on investment as it relates to the value of their property. If your asset is underperforming we can help you exchange your underperforming asset with a higher-performing investment property. If you don’t want to be a landlord anymore we also have solutions to remove the burden of owning a rental property, eliminate capital gains taxes, and prevent family disputes.

    Now if you don’t need the money from your investment properties to sustain the life you desire then you may want to think about blessing your kids while you are still alive. We specialize in crafting a legacy plan for your children that not only has the potential to eliminate capital gains taxes but more importantly, ensure family harmony by meticulously planning for equitable distribution, making each child feel they have received a fair share. Did you know that 70% of families fight over real estate after their parents pass away? We are on a National movement to prevent family disputes and we invite you to join us in creating a plan to eliminate family disputes and keep your family together.

    While we are not attorneys, CPAs, or financial planners, we understand how owning real estate can be used to Build, Protect and Transfer Wealth. We quickly found out that there were no classes for trustees after their parents passed away leaving them with more questions than answers. What are the responsibilities of a trustee? For parents and children who have trustees, we worked closely with attorneys and trust companies and have developed a free class called, “I’m a trustee, now what?” There are 21 things you need to know as a Trustee. Hundreds of families have attended these classes and are so grateful for the rich, valuable information that will make their lives less stressful.

    Furthermore, our services extend to facilitating home renovations. For 18 years we helped clients renovate, repair, and design homes before selling to increase the value of their homes or after they purchased a fixer-upper so they would have a move-in ready home. We have a strong network of trusted and reliable contractors and skilled handymen who provide the solutions our clients need. We manage the entire coordination of the work, from obtaining estimates and making suggestions to save money or improve the end product. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for you knowing you have an advocate looking out for your best interest. We also have a network of skilled professionals like trust attorneys, financial planners, and tax advisors that will ensure you reach your end goal.

    Over the last 18 years, the Ihara team has helped over 1,500 families reach their real estate goals. Our team has successfully facilitated the purchase or sale of real estate valued at over one billion dollars for our clients. However, we don’t want to just help you buy or sell. We want to build meaningful relationships with our clients helping them build, protect, and transfer wealth through real estate, to create generational wealth. Our expertise covers luxury real estate, investors, corporate as well as military relocation, 1031 exchanges, wealth building, legacy planning, trust and probate sales, and senior relocation. However, we don’t want to stop there. Just as a financial planner manages all your finances, we are real estate planners looking to create a comprehensive real estate plan to help you achieve your real estate goals. Whether that be removing the burden of property, relocating to a safer living environment, avoiding family disputes, deferring or eliminating capital gains taxes, creating a legacy plan for your family, or all of the above. Our goal is to develop various strategies to help you reach your goal. We are committed to delivering service to the highest caliber, which often means going the extra mile for you with a smile!
    We love what we do and invite you to reach out to us if you know anyone who wants to Build, Protect, or Transfer Wealth through Real Estate. Looking to watch our webinars? Click here to see more

    You will work with several specialists, not just one generalist.
    -The Ihara Team

    Most Real estate agents have to wear many hats during their workday. They are responsible for all aspects of your real estate sale or purchase including managing contracts, negotiations, market analysis, home estimates, marketing your home, copywriting, admin, etc. All these responsibilities can be overwhelming and exhausting for any agent to do on their own. A team structure allows you to benefit from a group of specialists who focus on different aspects of your real estate sale or purchase because we work together on specific areas.



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