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    Waikele Neighborhood Guide

    Waikele is an inviting community on Oahu, one of the Hawaiian Islands. Famed for its tranquil setting and welcoming ambiance, Waikele features both single-family homes and townhouse complexes as the main residential structures in its landscape. Waianae Mountain Range provides stunning natural surroundings that attract many who wish to escape Honolulu while remaining close by. It is also home to lush greenery that is ideal for relaxing. This makes Waikele an attractive option when seeking a peaceful escape while staying close enough for accessibility. Waikele is home to the Waikele Premium Outlets, an attractive shopping destination for both residents and visitors, featuring designer and brand-name stores. Additionally, this area features golf courses, parks, and other amenities, which make it appealing for families as well as individuals alike.

    History of Waikele:

    Waikele dates back to ancient Hawaiian history when it served as a fertile area for agriculture – especially taro farming – by native Hawaiians. Indeed, “Waikele” itself means “watercourse,” emphasizing its role as a vital irrigation resource. As more Westerners arrived in Hawaii during the late 18th and 19th centuries, the agricultural landscape began to shift towards sugar plantations. Oahu Sugar Company set up one in Waikele during the early 20th century that significantly contributed to community growth. After the sugar industry in Hawaii declined, Waikele began its transformation into a residential community. Master-planned community development started around 1986-’87; Waikele Premium Outlets opened their doors for business in 1997 as a shopping destination and continues to serve this important community today. Waikele boasts both a rich history and a promising future!

    Waikele Activities to do:

    Waikele Premium Outlets:

    Shopping is one of the most enjoyable activities in Waikele, and one of its most beloved pastimes is at Waikele Premium Outlets, an open-air shopping center boasting designer and brand-name stores offering everything from fashion apparel to home goods at discounted prices. Thanks to its pleasant ambiance and variety of dining options, it serves not only shopaholics but also makes an ideal place to spend quality time with family and friends.

    Golf at Waikele Country Club:

    For golf enthusiasts, playing a round at the Waikele Country Club should be an unmissable experience. Situated between Waianae Mountain Range and Pearl Harbor, its 18-hole layout boasts stunning panoramic views – whether experienced golfers or beginners, every experience at this beautiful course is enjoyable at this 18-hole layout with challenging yet pleasant course layout. Plus, with restaurants, pro shops, practice facilities and practice spaces nearby – Waikele Country Club makes an excellent destination for relaxing outdoor fun!

    Picnicking at Waikele Community Park:

    Waikele Community Park is a favorite spot among families for outdoor activities and is particularly well-suited to family picnics and gatherings. Equipped with picnic tables, barbecue grills, and playground equipment – perfect for a family gathering – and spacious green areas suitable for frisbee or kite flying, lounging on the grass reading, or just lounging about; basketball and tennis courts make this park even more inviting and peaceful than its nearby neighbors – Waikele Community Park offers many unique benefits that allow visitors to relax in nature’s embrace while appreciating its surroundings – perfect!

    Waikele real estate market statistics(2023)

    • Avg. Home Price: $514,500
    • Average Price/Sqft: $651
    • Average Days on Market: 38

    Waikele Waipio real estate market statistics(2023)

    • Avg. Home Price: $1,098,750
    • Average Price/Sqft: $548
    • Average Days on Market: 150

    Looking for an Oahu Realtor?

    Are you planning to sell or buy your property in Waikele? Working with experienced and knowledgeable real estate agents in Waikele can make all the difference. The Ihara Team can provide you with valuable home buying and selling tips tailored to the Waikele real estate market. We can also help you explore different neighborhoods in Waikele and provide insights into the schools of Waikele. When you’re looking to find the right home, explore property listings, and find homes for sale in Waikele that meet your needs. We can also connect you with lenders for mortgages and financing options and offer closing assistance. Once the deal is done, we can recommend moving services to ensure a smooth transition to your new home. Looking for a Waikele realtor?  Schedule a free real estate planning session with the Ihara Team, your trusted Waikele Realtor.    

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