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    Mākaha Neighborhood Guide

    Mākaha, Oahu, is famous for its natural beauty and world-class surf. MakMākahaaha Beach Park stands out as an attraction due to its clear blue waters and white sandy shores, drawing visitors in from near and far.Mākahais world-renowned for its incredible surf conditions, making it a coveted surf spot from around the globe. Additionally, its waters off Makaha offer incredible diving conditions featuring abundant marine life and interesting underwater formations.Mākahaprovides an idyllic setting, and the surrounding Waianae mountain range only enhances its appeal. An ideal getaway for visitors who wish to experience Hawaii in its more natural form and serene settings.

    History of Mākaha 

    Mākahahistory can be found through its name. Hawaiian speakers use “Makaha” to refer to strong ocean currents and waves found here, which likely had their source there in ancient times when Hawaiian people settled its valley and coastal areas and thrived through fishing and agriculture.Mākahagained international renown as an internationally acclaimed surfing location during the mid-20th century, particularly after hosting its International Surfing Championships in 1952. These championships were among the earliest major surfing competitions worldwide and helped popularize surfing worldwide. Makaha also has an ancient Hawaiian presence; remains of ancient Hawaiian settlements can still be found there today. Meanwhile, its character remains undisturbed today, providing surf enthusiasts and those seeking deeper cultural connection a haven in Hawaii.

    Places to visit in Mākaha

    MākahaBeach Park:

    Renowned among Waianae’s beaches,MākahaBeach Park is an acclaimed surfers’ haven. Famed for its large waves in winter months and calmer conditions during summertime – perfect for swimming and picnicking – Makaha Beach Park makes an excellent destination.

    Ka’ena Point State Park and Natural Area Reserve:

    Situated at the westernmost point of Oahu, this idyllic yet rugged coastline features stunning ocean views along its hiking trail, as well as the chance to spot local wildlife like Hawaiian monk seals and various seabirds. Additionally, this site makes an excellent place for shoreline fishing, picnicking and general recreational use.

    Mount Ka’ala:

    As Oahu’s highest peak, hiking Mount Ka’ala can be both thrilling and fulfilling. The hike winds its way through native forests before culminating with breathtaking panoramic views across all of Oahu from its summit. To ensure an enjoyable journey, please be mindful and take necessary precautions prior to making this challenging trek.

    Kaneana Cave (Makua Cave):

    Situated near Farrington Highway, Kaneana Cave holds special cultural significance for Native Hawaiians. According to Hawaiian mythology, Nanue lived here. Although you are welcome to explore its entrance freely, going deeper inside is not recommended due to safety considerations.  

    Mākaha Neighborhood home statistics (2023):

    • Average Home Price: $664,305
    • Average Price/Sqft: $589
    • Average Days on Market: 107

    Mākaha Valley home statistics (2023):

    • Average Home Price: $513,245
    • Average Price/Sqft: $432
    • Average Days on Market: 121

    Mākaha Surfside home statistics (2023):

    • Average Home Price: $240,222
    • Average Price/Sqft: $590
    • Average Days on Market: 70

    Mākaha Schools


    Mākaha Elementary School:

    Found at 84-200 Ala Naauao Pl, Waianae, HI 96792. Click hereto view their website.   

    Waiʻanae High School

    Found at 85-251 Farrington Hwy, Waianae, HI 96792. Click hereto view their website.   

    Looking for an Oahu Realtor?

    Are you planning to sell or buy your property inMākaha? Working with experienced and knowledgeable real estate agents inMākahacan make all the difference. The Ihara Team can provide you with valuable home buying and selling tips tailored to theMākahareal estate market. We can also help you explore different neighborhoods inMākahaand provide insights into the schools ofMākaha. When you’re looking to find the right home, explore property listings, and find homes for sale inMākahathat meet your needs. We can also connect you with lenders for mortgages and financing options and offer closing assistance. Once the deal is done, we can recommend moving services to ensure a smooth transition to your new home. Looking for aMākaharealtor?  Schedule a free real estate planning session with the Ihara Team, your trustedMākahaRealtor.    

    See Mākaha homes for sale below.


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